Giving Students the Competitive Edge

The Louisville Tutoring Agency (LTA), founded by Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, uses a unique approach when it comes to giving students the tools they need to succeed on college entrance exams, master new concepts, build on strengths, overcome weaknesses, and learn to become leaders in their future fields.

A gifted teacher, he has always felt that the “cookie-cutter” method to teaching is rarely the most efficient way to bring out the best in each student. To maximize learning and academic performance, students require a customized approach that not only increases content knowledge but also conforms to the individual personality traits and learning style of each student.

In the area of standardized tests, Ohayon knows that a high score can often be the determining factor when it comes to acceptance to colleges, graduate programs, financial aid and scholarships. For this reason, the test prep programs at LTA emphasize the power of highly individualized instruction to maximize student scores on such tests as the ACT, SAT, PSAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT through private tutoring and classes.

Not surprisingly, over the years, Moshe Ohayon has developed his own novel approach to the ACT, the most requested standardized test prep at LTA and an area where the agency has achieved remarkable results. His approach, which benefits from his own considerable experience tutoring for the ACT and from his natural teaching skills, has given his students the advantage they needed to achieve impressive boosts in scores. To share these techniques with students everywhere, he recently published The ACT for Bad Test Takers, which details his groundbreaking approach for helping those who struggle to perform well on this high-stakes standardized test.

When it comes to academics, however, Moshe Ohayon believes that building a strong foundation from elementary school onward gives students the greatest chance for success. Students who begin an academic tutoring program early not only learn to excel in specific subjects but also to master essential skills that will repeatedly serve them throughout their academic futures.

Tutoring young students in mathematics, reading and language, natural and social sciences, and foreign languages prepares them to achieve higher grades as they advance to middle and high school. An early start also gives students the skills to do well on standardized tests. High grades and test scores give students an edge when it comes to getting into college and obtaining scholarships.

Louisville Tutoring Agency was started to give students an individualized learning experience that maximizes their chances for outstanding academic achievement. Designed to address individual weaknesses and expand upon strengths, LTA offers unparalleled choices.

Ohayon and LTA offer a variety of programs that include private one-on-one academic and test prep tutoring, ACT Crash Courses and ACT Futures classes, summer enrichment options, and college admission counseling. Taught by highly experienced tutors who are experts in their fields, students learn how to develop and refine study habits as well as how to think analytically, thereby building a solid foundation to do well throughout their academic and professional careers.