Moshe Ohayon of Louisville Prepares Students for Success

Preparation is the key, whether the exam is the ACT, PSAT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT or GED. The Louisville Tutoring Agency (LTA), founded by Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, transcends typical test preparation programs with its unique approach to tutoring and mentoring. Casting aside the usual programs that use pre-made teaching materials and lesson plans, LTA treats students as individuals with their own goals, skills, needs and personalities.

LTA’s innovative tutoring programs help students succeed because they instill not just knowledge but confidence. LTA tutors possess credentials from advanced teaching certificates to Ivy League degrees. Moshe Ohayon of Louisville requires that tutors be more than just academically qualified; each must display a talent for teaching, a patient and empathetic demeanor, and a sincere commitment to providing students a path for academic growth and success.

Ohayon realized the need for a different kind of tutoring program when he was in college. Using his own academic and tutoring experience, Ohayon discovered he had a natural talent for teaching. He also realized that for the majority of students, the curriculum offered by many schools and learning centers were inadequate. Students, he believes, benefit greatly by being challenged to excel. Laying the proper groundwork by meeting individual enables students to learn at levels beyond those measured by standardized tests. Such tests, as a result, become less ominous more easily surmountable.

LTA is based on the principle that learning requires more than just repeating facts and tasks. Higher-order thinking skills are needed to achieve the success and confidence students want. LTA tutoring programs are designed to help develop these abilities and to help students not only meet but exceed their academic goals.